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How to take care of your Bikes during winter

December 06, 2018


With the beginning of winter season, motorcyclists often find it tough to have their bikes or scooter maintenance in this cold season. Taking care of bikes over the colder months is usually regarded as time-consuming but it is a must because if not cared properly, bikes may get into serious problems. Here are some of the suggested tips to protect your bikes during the winter season:

  • Before winter sets in, make sure to spray your bike with an anti-corrosion spray.
  • Avoid hot water and always use cold water to wash your bike.
  • The chemical reactions in a battery get to slow down in cold temperatures due to which more current is needed for the bike to function. Ensure terminals are tight and apply a dab of grease on them.
  • If you have an automatic chain oiler like Scottoiler, turn the flow rate up a notch.
  • Don’t apply lube on chains just before riding because that wouldn’t show better results as lube fly off.
  • Grease all the working parts of the bike such as gear lever tie rods, chain adjusters, wheel spindles, etc.
  • Removing the panel and fairing screws and applying a little grease to them will help prevent perishing. The only negative part of greasing your bike is that grease-covered bike will attract a lot more dirt.
  • On very cold nights the water in your radiator will freeze without coolant and anti-freeze. Buy ready -mixed coolants with the required additives and refill this carefully because if not done properly, an airlock could form which prevents antifreeze flow and then results in an overheated engine.
  • It usually takes longer to heat up your engine in cold temperatures, potentially causing damage too. For that, use high-quality engine oil and ride your bike gently to give the motor enough time to warm up.

We request every rider to drive safely and take care of their bike this winter before it gets damaged.