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Motorcycle & Scooter Engine Repair - Everything you need to know

August 03, 2021


Proper overhauling of a motorcycle engine lasts for a long time and helps in improving the mileage, life expectancy, horsepower and torque, motorcycle sound, overall performance, reduce emissions, etc. There are different types of motorcycle engine repair, which generally consists of services like parts replacement, upgrades, and detail finishing. Depending upon the issues of your ride, the mechanic will suggest you either half engine repair or full engine repair. 


What is Half Engine Repair?

Half engine repair is a kind of engine rebuilding, where the engine is removed and disassembled to check and replace the engine block, crankshaft, piston rings, connecting rod, and bearings along with the replacement of gasket and oil seals. At the end of this procedure, a final inspection is carried out to test the condition of the motorbike, and re-assembling is performed. 

What is Full Engine Repair?

Full engine repair includes the overall overhaul of the motorcycle, which includes:

  • Cylinder Head Rebuilding
  • Cylinder Boring
  • Camshaft Replacement/Repair
  • Replacement of Oil Pump, Head Fasteners, Spark Plugs, Valves, Spring, etc.
  • Installation of New Rod Bearings
  • Fitting the New Crank and Rod Hardware
  • Machine Crankshafts
  • Resetting of Ignition Timing

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Causes of Engine Failure

Being an owner of a two-wheeler, you should always look after your ride and pay attention to the basic symptoms that might cause huge trouble. Automotive problems get worse if you avoid them. The heat is one of the main reasons behind the engine failure. A few reasons that cause engine failure are:

  • Broken Water Pump and Thermostat
  • Clogged Heater Core
  • Low Level of Oil
  • Thick Engine Oil
  • Damaged Oil Pump


When is it time to Repair the engine?

It is always better to have regular bike servicing and engine check-ups to decrease the chances of getting engine problems in the future. Remember, sometimes repairing the engine can be a better option than replacing it with a new one. Also, it is affordable as you don’t need to invest in a brand-new engine. 

So, if you even encounter any of the following engine problems, you should immediately visit an auto shop for possible engine repair.

  • Excessive Oil Consumption
  • Vibrating
  • Knocking Noise
  • Worsening Gas Mileage
  • Loss of Power
  • Excessive White Smoke


Note: Regular engine check-up is best to avoid possible problems. But because of lack of time, many people can’t perform it. However, you don’t need to worry when the Third Wheel is here. You can simply book the dates for your online bike engine repair through Third Wheel App, and we will provide both pick and drop services.


Things that are performed on Engine Repair

While repairing the engine, mainly four major things are performed, which are explained below:

  • Teardown / Disassemble

It is the first step where the engine from the bike is removed by following the different sequential steps. Bike is cleaned and kept securely before draining the bike’s oils. Then, the back brake pedal, battery, header pipes, muffler, and gas tanks are removed accordingly. Then, the carburetor, air box, and final drive are taken out safely. Finally, cases are removed along with the clutch and mounting bolts. After all this process, the engine is finally removed from the bike.

  • Cleaning & Refinishing

After the engine has been carefully removed, the bike’s parts are grouped into different categories for cleaning, chrome plating, etc. Some parts are kept aside as they can’t be reused. In this step, cleaning and refinishing are done by using materials like vapor blasting, ultrasonic cleaner, etc.

  • Inspection and Preparation

In the third step, proper inspections are done to find out the possible problems. Inspection is given in cases if there are any cracks on them or not. Moreover, the situation of bushes is checked and if problems are found, they are driven out and replaced. Once the inspection is completed, cleaning is done again so that not even a fine grit can leave inside the parts as it may damage the engine faster. 

  • Reassembly / Restore

This is the final step performed at engine repair where everything is reassembled again in the same sequential order. This step takes much time as everything needs to fit properly as before and should be clean for the best performance. Dry runs are assembled at first without gaskets. Likewise, assembly lube is used in all mating parts. 


The cost of engine repair varies as per the type, model, age of the bike, and the type of cost of replacement parts. On average, the half engine repair cost NPR 8,000 and the full engine repair cost NPR 15,000. 


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Safety Guidelines to Follow After Repairing Engine

It is mandatory to keep the engine fit and smooth. Some of the maintenance and safety tips that you need to follow after repairing an engine to keep it run forever are:

  • Let it breathe
  • Check the leaking system
  • Check the belts
  • Keep working area clean
  • Be aware of the Bike’s temperature
  • Don’t go underneath the bike or ride it for a while
  • Avoid placing the hands, tools, or any other objects in the lower components of Vehicle


We, Third Wheel Company, are experienced certified mechanics having several years of experience in providing all kinds of engine repair services. If you have any issues regarding bike/scooter servicing, bike/scooter engine repair, then you can either fill the form to schedule your engine repair service today or can give us a call at  016638731 / +9779801079265. We are always delighted to help you with any queries. 

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