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Basic ideas about servicing of Bike/Scooter at Home

April 10, 2020


In the road riding spectrum, the bike goes through the muddy and sludgy trails. Sometimes grime can be driven into chains and brake pads. You spend a lot of money initially purchasing a bike/scooter. But, if you do not maintain it periodically, you will have to encounter many mechanical issues that charge you tenfold. You don’t want the road to troubleshoot or wait for roadside assistance after you tuck the kickstand, do you? 

The major importance of servicing is maintenance helps your bike to perform at its peak ensuring longevity and safety. The proper care of bikes is paramount to the smooth operation of your two-wheelers.  And, you can do a lot of basic servicing personally from tip to tail at your house. We present you with a few ideas on basic bike service at home which we found effective.

FYI: In general, every bike/scooter has to follow a servicing schedule. It needs to have their maintenance done in a service station every 3 months or after riding 1500 KM.

Cooling System 

The cooling system is basically used to cool the engine of the bike. When the bike is unable to control the temperature, you cannot push the engine hard and also the engine loses power. If you have air cooling in the bike, it allows natural air to flow through the surface area, and then, the air that passes over the engine cools it gradually. Similarly, the oil cooling mechanisms also work with air to cool down the engine. The actual oil inside the engine is passed up through a radiator. Then, the oil circulation system minimizes friction and cools the engine oil itself. So, in order to take care of the bike parts, you should check the fans and top up coolant frequently for the smooth running of the bike.

Chain and Sprockets

You might have noticed a decrease in acceleration or power due to a loose chain. It is so because the chain works to transfer the energy generated to rear tires. Even worst, having a loose chain in the bike can cause a wheel jam leading to a crash. So, it is important thing for you to use lubricants in the chain. It also prevents metals from getting caught in rust.  Many mechanics use petroleum jelly in order to lubricate the chain. You can also find some using oil to lubricate. During rainy seasons, we suggest using grease on chains as oil can be wiped up by rain.


If the manufacturing date has crossed five years, you must spend money on replacing the battery with a new one. The battery must be checked monthly. If your bike’s battery has been on a maintenance charger, it might have a full charge. If not then, you can make it full. Many people go for battery testers to test cranking amps. You can prob a multimeter as well. You should clean your terminals, inspect the fuses and check spares. 

Tires and Wheels

The pressure should be balanced according to the recommended PSI (Pounds per Square inch) If the pressure is high, you will experience a bumpier bike ride. And, If the pressure is lower, you will see a drop in the efficiency of fuel. So, you must be checking the tire pressure time and again. As the pressure of the tires differs on its type, make sure to check the manual of the bike.

Washing and Cleaning

Rusting occurs in the upper part of the fuel tank due to frequent shortages of acute fuel. When the fuel tank of your bike is full, the fuel keeps your fuel tank free of corrosion. Hence, it can be a good idea for everyone to get the bike cleaned often. As soon as you see oil leaking or any debris, get yourself washing materials ready to clean the bike.

Air Filters 

It is very important for your air filters to be dust-free and get enough oxygen. If the air filter is clogged, the engine of the bike fails to operate properly. Clean your air filters even more if you travel through off-road paths. 

Engine Oil

The bike rider often uses a clutch particularly on roads with many potholes. The use of clutch strains on the pistons in the engine. And, this is when we need to lubricate the pistons with engine oil. When your bike goes through this cycle, the motor fails to function smoothly. So, it must for you change the engine oil more frequently.