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Electric Scooter Market in Nepal & EPluto 7G

July 28, 2021


‘Go-Green’ motto has brought a huge change in the riding journey worldwide. Riders are getting interested in Electric Vehicles (EVs) day by day because of their capability to save fuel and control pollution, which directly helps in maintaining a stable environment.

E-Scooter Current Situation in Nepali Market

Popularity of the e-scooter, which is considered the future of the vehicle industry, is no exception in Nepalese market. Tax subsidies, low cost of servicing and maintenance, and its ability to lessen the carbon emissions are attracting the Nepalese riders towards it.

The Nepalese market of e-scooters has expanded in the present context, but it's lower than expected. Even after fully exempting excise duty and reducing custom duty to 10%, riders are not willing to buy e-scooter because of the problems like less availability of charging ports, the inability of e-scooters production in Nepal, difficulty in finding their electrical parts in Nepal, etc. 

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Scope of E-Scooter

E-scooters, if promoted well, then its scope is broad. There has been the establishment of a lot of hydropower companies in Nepal, which will ultimately generate higher electricity in the coming days at a low per-unit price. Likewise, the importing cost of petroleum products is high for Nepal so the usage of e-scooters will help to bring economic development to individuals, society, and nation. Moreover, if the government prepares the budget by focusing on e-scooters, then it will increase sales and develop the energy-based transportation sector in Nepal.


EPluto 7G

EPluto 7G is Indian Electric Scooter Brand, which gives a unique riding experience to the riders. Because of its quirky design, better battery performance, self-standing features, etc. it is rapidly occupying the heart of the riders. It competes against the NIU N-Series. Moreover, it has a retro-design and chrome treatment.



All the weaknesses point that Nepalese market has in terms of e-scooters can be minimized with the help of EPluto 7G. It is high-speed having 60 km/hr with a battery range of around 90-120 km, which takes only 4 hours to get fully charged. Likewise, EPluto 7G produced 1500W power from its motor and has a portable battery of 60V 2.5 kWh. This scooter is supported by an electronic braking system with brakes of the front disc and rear drum. Overall, EPluto 7G provides the best performance with its better battery backup power.

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Price Comparison with Petrol Scooter

There has always been debate about petrol scooters and e-scooter. However, it’s time to realize that an e-scooter is best from every side be it performance, design, and cost. The purchasing cost of EPluto 7G is NPR 2,49,000, which is slightly higher than other petrol scooters.
However, this scooter consumes only 1.5 units of electricity (NPR 18) for 50km, resulting in a decrement in cost by 70% compared to petrol scooters.  Furthermore, the average maintenance cost for 5 years is also around NPR 10,000, which reduce the cost of EPluto 7G by 1.5 times as compared to petrol scooter

Overall, by riding EPluto 7G, riders can save around NPR 1,74,525. Let’s not forget this scooter also has the ability to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.9 metric tons. So, let’s go green by riding the flagship scooter – EPluto 7G.

If you are planning to go green and want to know more about EPluto 7G, then please Click Here. If any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.