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Vehicle Number Plate System in Nepal: Registration, Cost & Format

October 17, 2022


Number Plate is a piece of identification with a unique combination of characters & numbers used to identify a vehicle. It provides records of ownership and eases the hassle of tracking down the vehicles if needed. 

It has its own characters, and formats across the world, the same is the case in Nepal. All the vehicles registered in Nepal are mandated to have number plates on the front and back. Vehicle registration in Nepal is done by DoTM, click here to register yours.

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The current number plate system was first introduced in 2017 and was scheduled to be followed from 2018 onwards. Before the year 2017, plates were hand-written in Devangiri Script which was changed to Latin Script following the new embossed number plate system. 

However, the plate and format finally came into use in Mid-July of 2020 in Bagmati and Gandaki Province. The new embossed number plate contains information about State, Vehicle Category, Vehicle Age Identifier Code and Vehicle Number.

Let’s go into the details of the elements: 

State: Represents the state where the vehicle was registered like Bagmati, Gandaki, etc. 

Vehicle Category: Vehicles are categorized by alphabet from A to K. Under Category ‘A’ are Motorcycles & Scooters, likewise under Category ‘B’ are vehicles like Car, Jeeps, Cargo, etc., and so on till category ‘K.’

Vehicle Age Identifier Code: Denotes the age of the vehicle.

Vehicle Number: Unique number is given to every vehicle which can vary anywhere from a single digit to a 4 digit combination. 


Types of Number Plates in Nepal 

Nepal provides 6 types of number plates on the basis of ownership and service/purpose. It will be provided to you according to the usage of your vehicle.

  1. Private
  2. Public/Commercial
  3. Government
  4. National Corporation 
  5. Tourist
  6. Diplomatic


How to get Number Plate in Nepal? 

The Department of Transport Management (DoTM) provides the number plates for registered vehicles. It has mandated embossed number plates for all newly registered vehicles and renewed vehicles.

Since the official implementation in July of 2022, the DoTM has been ensuring it to all the vehicles registered in Nepal. So next time you buy a new vehicle or wish to renew your vehicle; you can follow the following procedure: 

Step 1: Go to the official website of the Department of Transport Management (DoTM). Click here 

Step 2: You will see an important link section. Click on “Embossed Number Plate Pranali” then choose the 3rd option “Online Application” 

Step 3: Click on “Get Started” 

Step 4: Fill in your vehicle details such as Registration Number & Date

Step 5: Enter your mobile number, you’ll receive a Verification Code, enter it and do the same with your email address

Step 6: You’ll be brought to a page with the registration number &  date. Fill in the remaining information according to your blue book

Step 7: Fill out the owner information i.e. Individual and Organization and click the “next” button followed by the “submit” button on the top right corner 

Step 8: Download the application form and submit it to the Transportation Office

Step 9: If any of the data you provided is wrong, you can edit it by clicking “Apply Again” button

Step 10: Once everything is filled, you can exit and you’re all set to receive it.


Price of Embossed Number Plate in Nepal 

DoTM has categorized the price according to the size of the vehicle. For now, the system is available to vehicles registered in Bagmati and Gandaki Province. 

Here is the list of costs for different vehicles: 


 Cost in Rupees 





 Small & Medium-sized four-wheelers 


 Heavy four-wheelers 



Number plates system in Nepal is in process of changing, so you must make sure to understand its importance and have basic information regarding it. Today Vehicle registration in Nepal isn’t much hassle as compared to a few years ago, due to digitalization. So make sure to take full advantage of it.