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7 Shocking Fact about Ride in Kathmandu during Monsoon

September 21, 2021


No one other than riders can imagine the joy of taking a scenic road trip during the monsoon with their loved ones. The delighted weather, the gentle wind carrying an earthy smell, the musical pitter-patter, and the moist greenery make the riders journey even more rejuvenating. However, riding along the wet road is only enjoyable if the rider exercises utmost caution. 

Riding in Kathmandu valley during monsoon is not child's play. The increasing number of potholes around the roads have resulted in injury to both rider and bike. The condition worsens during the monsoon as those potholes get filled up with water. You can find bikes getting stuck. In recent months, we have experienced heavy rainfall that has resulted in worsening of the traffic conditions and roads. 

Here, we have collected seven shocking facts about riding in Kathmandu valley during the monsoon, which includes both positive and negative sides. 

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1. Emptier Bike Lanes

Roads of Kathmandu valley are usually crowded with lots of bikes, scooters, and other vehicles. But, during monsoon season, you can find emptier bike lanes. It is because roads become slippery making it difficult to ride. So, many prefer to walk over the ride depending on the places of Kathmandu valley. If you are someone who loves bike rides, do take a solitary ride on the paved roads. You will definitely enjoy the beauty of the city.

2. Better Bike Handling Skills

Rainfall in Kathmandu is not always predictable so avoiding biking in the monsoon is something Nepalese can’t do. Paying extra attention while cornering, lowering the speed, deploying the braking earlier, and avoiding braking hard will let you handle your bike more efficiently. Hence, while riding on the slicker and dangerous roads of Kathmandu valley, your biking skill is sure to improve.

3. Fresh Air

Flying dust and polluted air of Kathmandu valley is making the rider’s life unliveable. However, the air feels cooler and fresher while riding in the monsoon. It is shocking that air pollution decreases with rainfall and the production of negative ions clear all the nastiness from the air. So, if you are living inside Kathmandu valley, try a ride in the rain. You will definitely love cool air touching your skin. 

4. Reduced Visibility

Monsoon in Kathmandu valley comes with poor lighting, cloudy skies, and heavy rainfall. Your glasses get covered in droplets of rain. The ill-lit and dark environment makes it less visible to the road signs while riding. So, it is crucial to take extra precautions like wearing visible apparel. You should check the condition of the lights. 

5. Wear Out Components Quickly

Heavy rainfall results in the dirt getting thrown up in your drivetrain and wet roads attract gunk to your chain. As a result, riders put more force on the drivetrain, which will wear out the bike’s components more quickly.

6. Dangerous Roads

The weather in Kathmandu is harsh during the monsoon season. As a result, you find the road slippery, bumpy, and rugged. Deterioration of road pavement, water stagnation, and potholes filled with water makes it difficult for commuters and motorists to ride. Even without the rain, few places in the Kathmandu valley have bad-conditioned roads. Now, you can imagine how dangerous the ride can be in rain. 

7. High Number of Accidents

Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to road accidents during the monsoon. Poor road signs, slippery roads, overflow of drainage, lack of warnings, and dug-up roads are the major consequences of monsoon. Hence, in such conditions, there is a high chance of motorcycle collision, sudden breakdown, unbalanced control, and other traumatic accidents. 

Don’t forget to maintain and service your two-wheeler after riding in the rain. You can always contact us to enjoy the bike/scooter servicing and maintenance services.

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Safety Tips While Riding in Kathmandu Valley during Monsoon

Not all the places in Kathmandu valley have slippery roads during the monsoon. You can enjoy a ride in the rain. However, If you have the right gear and are aware of road safety tips, then you can experience both hassle-free and safe riding even in the monsoon.  We present you with amazing tips that you can follow. 

  • Ride slowly 
  • Test tyre traction and headlights
  • Keep distance from other rides
  • Brake gently
  • Ride with the proper kit
  • Keep calm and avoid rushing
  • Know where you are going beforehand
  • Avoid using umbrella
  • Do not use the horn
  • Avoid Puddles
  • Avoid accelerating when hydroplaning 
  • Pullover and wait etc.

Monsoon brings fun and sweetness after scorching summer. However, it also brings heavy wind and rainfall, which might affect the riding journey. So, it is better to be keen-eyed than to be sorry. Remember, if you don’t ride in the rain, you don’t actually ride. So, follow the above-mentioned tips and stay safe on the Kathmandu valley’s roads this monsoon!