When my motorcycle or scooter need new tires?

 December 13, 2018


One of the most desirous things for motorcycle enthusiasts is roads. Excellent road with zero traffic congestion isn’t only the key to thrilling drive/ride but also is the best way to relax for tires and engines of bikes. Highways of Nepal somehow offers relaxing feel for motorcyclists. But the quality of roads especially in the cities is an utter mess full of potholes and traffic congestion. They are usually covered with layers of dirt and with chaotic traffic. Because of poor road conditions inside cities of Nepal, tires of bikes usually get damaged more frequently and early before its estimated life span.

Tires are one of the most critical components of your entire motorcycle. A time to time proper inspection of motorcycle tires is very important to maintain quality of tires. Besides performance, tires also play a huge role in ensuring the rider is not at risk.  Motorcycle tires usually don’t last as long as car tires. Generally, motorcycle tires wear out very quickly. One must look out time to time whether tire is wearing out or not.

One should always be aware on these five signs to be clear on the question: “Does my motorcycle need new tires?”

  1. Check for Treads

Treads of motorcycles tires i.e. the “pattern” of tires allow to ride motorcycle in certain conditions. Treads are designed for tires ability to shed water and maintain traction. More treads in tires are needed while riding mostly on wet surfaces.  One should always pick the right tread pattern to ride in conditions. When tread wears down, the grooves become shallower and ability to shed water and maintain traction becomes compromised. The depth of grooves in treads is solid indicators of how much life has left in tire.  For inspection of whether the tread of motorcycle tires are wearing out or not, simply use a coin and put it in the groove or tread, as long as the coin is still inside, tires are fine.

  1. Are you mixing?

Rear tires have a tendency to wear down twice as fast as the front tires do. Many riders change the rear tire and sometimes mix the brand of both tires. Various serious troubles and instability may occur because of combination of different tires models. So, it isn’t recommended to mix both tires. Sticking with a matching set of tires is recommended because they’re designed to be used from the start, together.

  1. Age

Age does matter with tires. Tires’ age is approximately 5 years and it needs to be changed time to time because tires are made up of rubber along with chemical compounds that gives tires the thickness it wants and that chemical compound evaporate over time. Check the tires’ sidewall for the date stamp where four digit codes inside a rectangular box are provided. Using too old tires fail to provide adequate grip or strength.

  1. Tire pressure

The right level of pressure inside the tires matters a lot. An accurate air pressure gauge is needed to avoid underinflate or overinflate conditions. An underinflate situation waste motorcycle gas and build more heat which led to quick wear out. An overinflate tire hit harder on road and cause quick wear and tear to the treads of tires. The maximum tire pressure that specific tire can withstand can be found on the tire itself.

  1. Fill in the shoes

At the time of switching to new tires, give time for that tires to adjust and don’t push it too hard while riding down the road. Tires too need some time to adjust.

The life of your tire depends mainly on your braking habits.

Ride safe!!!