Servicing Dilemmas : Online Bike Servicing in Kathmandu

 July 05, 2018

Do you bet all the original parts will be there when you bring back your beloved bike or scooter from the repair center? Or do you trust that your mechanic will not ask for a random price after buying random parts on your account? This is a "Truth and Dare" game that has been played by every biker that has had the trouble of bringing in their bike into repair centers.


Every time something is wrong with your bike, you cannot be at the authorized service centers. You have your work or you need to be at home or somewhere important. It`s a hassle every time your bike flares up. That`s why you`ll want to find somewhere near you that can repair your bike. You ask your close neighbors or your friends to see where they do their bike servicing nearby. And if nothing works, you go to the first one you find. Going online and searching for one? That rarely happens since you can`t always find one that`s reliable.


And, thus after all the adventures around the city, you find your new repair center. It may not be the best one in town but it gets the job done. The mechanic takes a look at your bike and says it will take some time, so you start looking around. Sometime later, it`s your turn, and you check with your mechanic. He says there`s something wrong with your engine and it will take 2-3 days for the repair. You are in a hurry but the bike doesn`t start up, so you have two choices. You either let the mechanic fix your engine or you tow your bike back.


With minimal options, you choose to fix the bike there. You ask about some price details and a day later, you`re back at the garage to ask about the progress on the bike. The mechanic says one of the parts need to be replaced. The spare part is not there so you`ll have to wait a few more days. You can`t be there 24/7, so you call every other day. And every time he answers he says, it`ll take time since he also has more customer. After a long wait, you get to see your bike is back up running and you`re glad you don`t have to stand on the bus all the way to your work every day.


Now here comes the tough part. It`s the time to pay. He asks for more money than you thought, so you ask for details. Now you find out your bike has new chain sprockets, your brakes needed to "be readjusted", and the engines were a mess, so old parts were "replaced". And until this point, you still don`t know anything about the service charge. A while later you have no choice but to empty your wallet as much as your empty fuel tank. After you leave, you swear to yourself to never go back there again. But you know you might not have a choice sometimes. At a later date you find out, your engines were good and everything wasn`t done professionally. A year later, your engine got worse and your bike doesn`t run as smooth.


As an owner of a bike or a scooter, you`ll come to face this scenario at least once in your life. The only place you can be sure that your bike gets the care it needs is the brand`s authorized service center. They have the professionals for your specific bike and they can get the genuine spare parts in Kathmandu. To keep your bike at best performance and market value, you need to have good parts in good condition. And the way you can do this is through regular maintenance in proper service centers.




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