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DOs & DON’Ts for maintaining your bike/scooter during Lockdown

May 26, 2020


In this pandemic of COVID-19, we’ve been practising good hygiene and maintaining social distance to build a strong immune system and protect ourselves against coronavirus. This lockdown isn’t just for us but our motorcycle/scooter as well. And, keeping your bike ideal for months and more may be a real bummer. You are liable to have many issues. The small preparation from now will help you ride later. In this ongoing pandemic, we don’t have much work in hand right now and we can definitely separate time for our two-wheeler. So, Let’s get our hands dirty for our beast (bike/scooter). We’ve highlighted the essential steps you’ve got to take if you would like to ride like before. 


Before you start...

Get yourself ready for maintaining a bike. You need the following things:

  • Chain cleaner
  • Chain spray
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Sponge and Rug
  • Right Detergent

Start your bike

Sometimes a bike/scooter won’t start once you keep your bike ideal for a longer period of time. Start your two-wheeler and keep it ideal for 7-8 minutes once in a week during this lockdown. Let the oil flow throughout your two-wheeler engine. You wouldn’t want your engine sitting with old oil stagnating all lockdown, do you? Starting your bike once in a week helps in battery life because it prevents the battery from getting drained. If you’ve got an old battery, you can check the acid level. Likewise, If you have a kick-starter, do kick start your bike. 

When you start your bike, don’t rave your bike because your bike’s engine has been ideal for months. So, you would possibly encounter issues.


Moving and Cleaning

You need to manoeuvre your bike forward and backward about 15 meters. Press Clutch lever or Break lever in order that the clutch cable doesn't rust. Stand your bike using the main stand. First, rinse your two-wheeler with cold water. Then, add detergent in a bucket of water. Gently clean the body of two bike/scooters using the right detergent. Use a sponge and cloth on the painted surface of the bike. Wash off the bike with water. Lastly, use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the remaining water. Clean chains with a piece of old rag and lubricate oil in your bike and areas like clutch/brake lever pivot points, keyhole, folding pegs, and suspension. 

Please don’t go on the road to manoeuvre your motorbike. You can do this in your parking or in a small area. If you don't want to use a lot of water on your bike. Use a spray bottle, like a glass cleaner bottle of Colin, filled with water.


Park your two-wheeler on Stand

It is important to take care of your motorcycle tyres. As the tyres of motorbike are staying ideal for long, it’s not good for the rubber of the tyres. You get to see flat spots and dry rots on the tyres. You should check whether the tyres are inflated or not. Then, prop the bike up on stands. If you have a main stand, you can use that to make sure one of the wheels is on the air. If you don’t have one then, it’s worth investing in a set of paddock stands.

Avoid flat spots and move the bike so that there is no flat spot. These flat spots make the tire hard that lead to punctures. 


Cover your bike

As you’re not allowed to ride during the lockdown, your beast has to stand in a place for a long time. We suggest you cover your two-wheeler with a bike cover. If you don’t have one, use a cotton bed sheet. 

Before covering your two-wheeler with bike cover, make sure you give your bike a nice bath to scrub off the grime, dead bugs and other things that can corrode the paint and metal parts of your bike.