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How to renew Blue Book online in Nepal ?

June 24, 2020


Blue Book, also known as bill book, is a small book pad that has detailed information about you, the owner of the vehicle, and your vehicle. Being the citizen of a country, you are responsible for bike bill book renew annually, particularly within Chaitra as per the Nepali calendar. Then, how to check the blue book renew date or how to renew the bluebook in Kathmandu or in Nepal? Here, we have gathered information about online bill book renew in Nepal.

FYI: In case the renewal is not done within three months of its last date, you will have to face a blue book renew fine in Nepal according to the Tax rules for not fulfilling your duties. It is mandatory for your vehicle to get third party insurance with regular vehicle tax.

For further information about the blue book tax rate in Nepal and blue book renew fine in Nepal click the link below.

Blue Book Renewal Tax & Fine Rates

All you have to do is manage your time for the day and go to the Transportation Management Office of your respective zone and pay vehicle tax. Every Day the Bluebook renew offices in Kathmandu Valley are filled with people and mostly at the month of Chaitra & Aashar, the end of the Nepali Fiscal year. It would be no surprise for you to share that you will also be standing in the queue along with those people. You need to do vehicle insurance before going to the tax office and wait for your turn. Then, pay vehicle tax from the counter and collect insurance documents in another department. So,

Why not use the Third Wheel app for your blue book renew service?

If you are someone who does not have much time for looking after your bike and have time for waiting on the long queues of tax collection office, you can go for Third Wheel service in Nepal. We at Third Wheel operate online Blue Book renew services where we provide door to door service as per customer’s convenience by completing all transport formalities. You can visit for further services on two-wheelers. 

How to pay vehicle tax online in Nepal via the Third Wheel app?

Online Bluebook renew with Third Wheel app is easy to use. For now, Third Wheel services are available only inside Kathmandu Valley. You can surely get the services in other parts of Nepal as well. We are expanding outside Kathmandu valley soon in the upcoming days.

Step 1: Install Third Wheel App

Third Wheel app is available on both Android and iOS phones as well On Web applications. For Android phones, visit Google Play Store and get the app installed on your device. Similarly, for iOS users, Third Wheel app is available at App Store 

Step 2: Fill information

Register yourself in the app. You need to fill out your full name, email address, mobile number, and your address. You need to fill out your Bike/Scooter’s information as well for the use of Third Wheel services.

Step 3: Select services

The Third Wheel offers different types of services such as Bike/Scooty servicing, Annual subscription plans, Helmet CLeaning, Bike Accessories, Emergency Breakdown and so on. If you want the Third Wheel to do your blue book renewal, select Blue Book Renew. 

Step 4: Select address and Book

Select your shipping location from either map or your registered address and check out your booking details and your suitable payment methods. 

After the bluebook renewal is done, the original bill & documents of both insurance and government taxes are delivered back to you. Our Third Wheel app will timely notify you of the renewal of the blue book so you no longer have to worry about how to check the blue book renew date. If you want to know about the cost, our customer service representative is there for you to contact you and explain to you the bluebook renew price in Nepal.