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Introducing Third Wheel Reward Points

May 10, 2019


Reward points are the benefit-oriented points to the users of the Third Wheel app. These points are awarded to the users after taking any services or purchasing accessories from Third Wheel. When you make payment for the services or accessories provided by Third Wheel, you earn reward points.

The more you use Third Wheel services, the more benefit you get. We have introduced a concept of reward point to benefit our customers. Introducing the reward program helps our customers to get a small number of returns for every purchase they made or for using any services of Third Wheel. Every time you use our service, you will earn some reward points which can be further used to buy or get any services from Third Wheel. With the increase in reward points, your probability of receiving gifts, services, and discounts will keep on increasing. So, the more points you have, the more purchasing power you build.

How To Earn Reward Points?

Earning reward points is very easy. You will be awarded points for certain actions you take on Third Wheel app such as downloading the app, surfing the app and so on. The main motive of introducing Third Wheel reward points is to benefit our users so with every purchase or use of our services, you will earn a certain portion of your spending as reward points.

Reward points are easy to earn and even easier to redeem. With the increase in reward points, you will receive access to big discounts and offers. If you maintain your reward points to some limit then you will receive exciting gifts on behalf of Third Wheel. You cannot redeem your points in the form of cash but in products or services, you are willing to buy or get with exciting gift hampers in addition to your loyalty towards us.

How Reward Point Is Calculated?

You will be able to calculate reward points on the following basis.

  1. If you request any service from Third Wheel then you will receive 50% of total spending as reward points.
  • For example:
    If you request a service worth Rs.1000, then you will receive 50%. i.e. 500 as reward points.
  1. If you purchase any product form Third Wheel then you will receive 10% of total spending as reward points. Not more than 100 Points at a single request.
  • For example:
    If you purchase a Bike Cover which worth Rs.500, then you will receive 10%. i.e. 50 as reward points.
  1. If you request service worth Rs.1000 and purchase product worth Rs.500 then you will receive points on the following basis: 

50% of Rs.1000

500 Points

10% of Rs.500

50 Points


550 Points


  1. Reward points holders will have a maximum of 1000 points for a single request.
  • For example:
    In-Service Request ( 50% )
          Suppose you request services that worth Rs.1000 then you must receive 500 reward points.
    In Product Purchase ( 10% )
         Suppose you request a product that worth Rs.500 then you must receive 50 reward points. 
    Maximum Points ( Service points + Product points )
         If you request our service and product that worth over 1000 points then the reward point holder will get a maximum of 1000 points at a time.

How Can You Redeem Reward Points?

Third Wheel will calculate your reward points and accordingly display products and services which you can redeem through your points.

You are liable to redeem your points to buy or to take any services among those displayed items.

To redeem your reward points go to the reward section and select the item you prefer.