Tips for the cleaning and maintaining of your helmet

 September 04, 2018


Motorcycle helmets are meant to be used, all of the time — rain, shine, mud pits, heat waves, hurricanes, insect apocalypses — well, you get the picture. It has the most important job (protecting your skull and its contents) and it is continually pounded by the rigors of the road. Knowing how to clean and maintain your motorcycle helmet will not only keep you from surrounding your face with a dank interior lining, but also will work to extend the lifetime of your helmet.

How to clean your Motorcycle Helmet (outside)

You can clean the outside visor and or sun screen visor with a soft micro fiber towel and mild detergent. If you want a deep cleaning you can remove the visor and you submerge it in water with mild soap. You can also use specific products to wash in depth your helmet.

You can clean the outside of the helmet with a soft micro fiber and mild detergent (natural cleaner). Wipe it gently and we recommend you to not use syntetich products.

We ThirdWheel uses Johnson Baby Shampoo to clean the helmets.

How to clean your motorcycle inner-lining (inside)

Remove the lining and/or the cheekpads and wash them in the laundry machine at delicate cycle (30°). Pay attention that EPS parts do not get in touch with water. If you want an handle wash you can use a fiber towel and wipe the inner-lining gently with water and mild soap.

Remember to let the inner-lining dry in the open air away from the exposure of direct heat (avoid dryer or stoves). After washing , make sure that inner-lining is completely dry in order to avoid the formation of mold and unpleasant odors.