Third Wheel: Making your bike or scooter servicing easy and affordable

 August 21, 2018


If you ever had your bike break on you and you had an urgent work to get to, finding a servicing center and leaving it for repair would be a major source of worry. Even then quality repair and trustworthy service is in question. It`s very disruptive. Either you complete the repair within your watchful eyes or leave it to be fixed and worry about it the whole day. How irritating would that be?


Initiation Story

Third Wheel is a two-wheeler repair and maintenance solution developed by Impact IT. It was established in 2016 with its mission of helping people solve issues in their daily lives. Third Wheel was started with a vision of simplifying bike servicing in Nepal becoming Nepal`s first online Door-to-Door two-wheeler repair and maintenance service. It also offers genuine spare parts for the users in Kathmandu valley.

Since its inception, Third Wheel has constantly worked on making its services appeal to the new customers with quality service and fixed and affordable fees payable with Cash on Delivery or eSewa.

Since you do so many things online, why shouldn`t your bike get its service online too?

The answer is, it should. And with Third Wheel, it will.



Before Third Wheel, `online` bike servicing and booking services in Nepal were almost non-existent. If you wanted to get your bike serviced or repaired, you had to take some time out of your day to your servicing centers or had to give your brand exclusive authorized service centers a call. "There was always a distinct lack of online presence for repair and maintenance services in Nepal. A platform to connect servicing centers and customers while providing the peace of mind like you were there for it. Along with fixed and affordable pricing of the service required, we felt it was our calling" shares Mr. Arun.

As of now, Third Wheel is slowly expanding onto both mobile and web platforms as a go-to app for booking regular and emergency bike servicing and bike repair in Kathmandu.


Challenges for the company

Bike and Scooter maintenance business have always been a skeptical area. With the emergence of brand service centers and low quality of servicing and repair at many independent service centers, people rarely seem to place their trust on a service like Third Wheel with its promises of seamless, on-demand two-wheeler servicing and quick booking and tracking.  This has become a hurdle for Third Wheel.

Along with limited mobile and web users familiar with the similar services, the user base can only grow with time.

But as newly established product and forefront on this area, we had to feel our way in. We have had trouble managing the increasing list of service centers and growing customers’ orders with limited staff. Sometimes, a delay or two would get the whole order a negative feedback.


Response from the customers

"We have had customers ask for four wheeler servicing option added to the platform. They are curious about the new product and are willing to try it out. We have had some negative comments over the years for delays and servicing plans, which has helped us see what our customers are looking from us", says Mr. Arun. With the upcoming subscription packages and new customer support, we are trying to make this app the easiest and most convenient way to provide your vehicle the service it deserves.

Third Wheel has been slowly growing with the current stable customer base in the 1000s. With more users using Third Wheel for their servicing needs, we growing with their invaluable feedbacks and bringing better and simpler bike servicing to your doorstep.


Future Plans

With the great feedback and support from our customers, we are working on few future enhancements that will improve your experience with Third Wheel.

  1. Insurance Policy
  2. Branch Expansion
  3. 24/7 Customer Support
  4. Addition of Four Wheeler Servicing
  5. Extensive Spare parts and accessories


New Additions

Since Third Wheel started, we worked on providing an unmatched service to our customers. Now with the addition of our fully equipped service centerwith trained technicians, we can move a step forward towards our goals. Not only will the customer get the benefit of faster service times, they will also be able to track the progress of the repairs more easily.